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Practice Advisors 360 is the perfect integration of marketing expertise and management services.  We are a network of situational experts, combining our knowledge of all facets of practice management and marketing to create one single source solution provider.

Why Hire Practice Advisors?

Did you know that seeing one new patient a day can equal an additional $45,900 in revenue each year? Or that increasing your collection ratio by five percent can dramatically increase your yearly revenue?

At Practice Advisors 360, we carefully monitor the pulse of the marketplace, positioning you for success through the combined knowledge of our experts. The result is a set of dynamic tools that move beyond the value of an income stream to the value of asset/practice management and investment.

Our main focus is the value we bring to our clients’ practices. Whether our clients are starting a practice, buying a practice, or selling a practice, we provide one point of contact that extends your vision and transforms it into reality.


Brian Choate
Founder and Principal Partner
Brian Choate is the founder of Practice Advisors 360. He has more than 20 years of extensive experience representing healthcare professionals and providing market analysis, valuation analytics, and capital solutions for healthcare practices. With a network of established debt and equity sources, Brian has financial solution expertise ranging across market consolidation and exit partners to high-growth emerging enterprise needs. Brian has over $500 million in practice loans delivered with necessary expertise in Government backed SBA products, healthcare specialty providers, and private equity and debt markets.

Christopher Maiorana
Specialty / Concentration: Demographic Analysis, Financing, Asset Management, Customer Relations
A partner with Practice Advisors 360, Chris works directly with doctors, providing demographic and site analysis for practice expansions, relocations or for starting new practices. He will help doctors choose the best possible location for their practices and will continue to work closely with them to provide financial solutions to meet their practice goals.


We are a network of situational experts, combining
sustainable, our knowledge of all facets of practice management and marketing
to create one single source solution.


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